All Visual Exams Are Not Created Equal

Should Opticians or Technicians Be Performing Subjective Examinations With Automated Technology? by: Merrill D. Bowan, O.D. Neurodevelopmental Optometrist Director, The Learning Clinic Information without education is meaningless. To have visual exam data at hand without an adequate grounding in how to use it – or even, how to properly acquire it – is either meaningless, or dangerous, or [...]

Lewin Survey Finds Large Optometry Surpluses: An Editorial Analysis

Lewin Survey Finds Large Optometry Surpluses: An Editorial Analysis Kenneth J Myers, Ph.D, OD October 1, 2014 ODwire.org members may comment on this article here Lewin Finds:
  • Optometrists Total 39,600 in 2012
  • Optometry Surplus of 12,672 in 2012
  • Future Shortages of Ophthalmologists
  • Replacing Ophthalmologists with Optometrists Still Leaves Large
  • Optometry Surpluses
  • Supply of Eye Care “Providers” is “Adequate”
The author would like to thank his many [...]

The Optometry Surplus: A Quantitative Determination of Excess Densities

The Optometry Surplus: A Quantitative Determination Of Excess Densities Kenneth J. Myers, Ph.D., O.D. President, American Board of Certification in Medical Optometry Director Emeritus, Optometry Service, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C. June, 2014 Myers.kenj@gmail.com Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Future Surplus Numbers 3. Purpose of Study 4. Methodology, Parameters Determining Density, Past Studies 5. Concluding Opinions 6. Footnotes 7. Appendix 8. Bibliography Executive Summary This study calculates the degree [...]

Vision Service Plan vs The United States of America

Two recent court decisions likely will impact the competition among vision care plans. Twice in just over two years VSP has been handed stunning defeats in a protracted battle to regain its tax-exempt status. And the decisions might push VSP to make changes that, in time, will adversely impact your practice. Here’s a look at why VSP lost and how, in my opinion, the collateral financial fallout could land squarely on your practice’s bottom line. I’ll also tell you about some financial revelations from the court cases that may partially answer a question so many ODs have asked for so many years: “Where does all the money go?"  
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