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ODwire.org founder (left), in 2004. Back when we did everything by hand.  Everything!

In the wake of the latest Facebook scandal (and the #deletefacebook movement), I'd like to provide some explanations of how we keep your data and privacy safe on ODwire.org.

Privacy has been a big deal to us since the site was founded 15+ years ago, it is part of our DNA, and it a major reason the site has been successful. (At the same time, it limits our growth, as "registering" isn't just as simple as clicking a button! C'est la vie.)

Unfortunately the rest of the world is only now catching on to just how bad the situation is on many other sites.

Read more to see how we address these issues on ODwire.org, and why it is important.

ODwire.org iPhone & Android App Updates

Since the redesign last week, you may have noticed that the phone apps haven’t worked properly.  We’re releasing updated versions of the apps to go with the redesigned site. The Android version has already been released, and the iPhone version should be available shortly. Let me know if you have any problems! — adam 10 comments
A real computer bug!

Welcome to the New ODwire.org…

Welcome to the latest iteration of the site. We’re in the midst of upgrading the place & adding some cool new features. Help us stomp out the bugs! Visit this thread & shape the site over the next several days!   144 comments
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