National Vision Donates to Nova Southeastern Optometry, School to Change Name?

Last week  Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) College of Optometry announced it received a significant philanthropic gift from National Vision, Inc.

Subsequently, we learned that Nova was planning to change its name — ostensibly to the “National Vision” College of Optometry.

This planned move has sparked controversy among university alums, to the point where over 2,000 have signed a petition to not change the school’s name.  Many Nova students were also seen wearing black armbands at the recently completed Vision Expo West, in order to protest the move.

While corporate sponsorship is an increasingly common way to help fund academic institutions, one can see why this move has fallen afoul of some grads, as National Vision tends to downplay the role of the ECP in many of their ads:

What is your opinion about the situation?  ECPs can weigh in here.


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Join us at the ZEISS Optometric Digital Summit 2018!

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ONLINE July 28 and July 29 | 11am EST to 2pm EST

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ZEISS invites you to attend the ZEISS Optometric Digital Summit 2018, a two-day complimentary online program including live sessions and an interactive product showcase within a virtual exhibit hall, designed to provide you with the latest technological innovations and clinical solutions for your practice.

Taught by industry leaders, you’ll get trained and informed on how the integrated diagnostic imaging solutions from ZEISS will help shape the future of your practice.

Event attendees will also be eligible for special show promotions and discounts on ZEISS instruments.

Learn more, look at the course list, and register here (totally free!)

You can discuss the summit in this thread.

Hope to see you there!

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CEwire2018 is Now Available On Demand!


CEwire2018 lectures are now available on demand!

The conference is bigger than ever this year, with 50 COPE approved credits online for just $179 [Register Here]

We’ve also got discounts available for group practices (and as usual, students or those who don’t need credits can register for free!)

The lectures are available to view on demand through May 1st, 2018.

Our goal with CEwire is to make the conference-going experience as flexible as possible. Many people just watch the lectures in the 90-day “on demand” period, whenever they have time.

The 2018 conference concentrates on systemic disease and its impact on eye care.

More than 9,000 ODs have taken CEwire courses; there is no faster or easier way to get in your required credit hours.

Take a look at the course list & register today.


Profits for Charity

Profits from the event are being shared with leading eye care charities:
– The American Academy of Optometry Foundation
– VOSH International

Register here, and ask any questions you might have about the event in this thread.

Hope to see you there!


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Dr. Jeff Walline on the State of Myopia Control in 2017

In his GPLIwire2017 talk, Dr. Jeff Walline, Associate Dean of Research at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, gave a lecture on the state of Myopia Control research in 2017.

We interviewed Dr. Walline after the show to get further insights on the direction that the field is taking:

If you’re thinking about dipping your toes into myopia control in your practice, it is worth a listen.

Discuss here.

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Update: Optometry Cares Offering $4k Grants for ODs Hit by Storms

Update: Optometry Cares is offering $4k grants for all ODs impacted by the recent storms – you don’t need to be an AOA member to benefit.



OFDR Website:

OFDR Application:

Donation Link: Classifieds: (post in Help Wanted if looking for work, all fees waived)

Texas Optometric Association

Tips for affected ODs that TOA sent out:…Storm.html?soid=1101264306992&aid=xTwoNqRd6ok

Classifieds for relief/work for TOA members:

Classifieds ads can be posted by non-members currently by emailing:


Discuss here …

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GPLIwire2017 Now Available on Demand Through December 1st!

The live portion of GPLIwire2017 has come to an end. But it isn’t too late to participate! The conference will remain open until December 1st, 2017.

Get 32 COPE credits, all about specialty contact lenses, including tracks on sclerals and ortho-k.

*** Vendor discounts worth hundreds of dollars are still available in the virtual exhibit hall ****

To obtain the discounts, just sign up for the conference (we even have a free exhibit hall only pass).  Then visit the “virtual booth” of whichever vendor you’d like to obtain a discount from.

In this video, we discuss the various discounts that are available:


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Will Opternative Write an Rx for a Fake Patient?

One of the flaws with online refraction systems (beyond the fact that they aren’t a substitute for a full eye exam) is that it can be difficult – or impossible – to tell who the patient actually is when working with them online. Indeed, issues of identity are serious problems for all sorts of online transactions.

But in this case, it could lead to the writing and filling of fraudulent Rx’s.

An anonymous poster writes of a story where he saw one system – Opternative – write an Rx for a non-existent patient – and even e-mailed a copy of the Rx for use elsewhere.

Read the details of the case here.

What does this mean for the physicians (MDs) who are signing off on these Rx’s?
How is your state responding to internet-based refractions?
New regulations?
Whole-hearted approval?

Weigh in!

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