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Synchronous ID Lecture - Click link for Survey Instructor(s)
82201-PM Frame Board Mastery Ashlee
82235-TD Cataract Surgery Considerations In the Keratoconus Patient Ayres, Chang
82113-TD You Used to Be So Sensitive-Now you are just a pain: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment for NK. Bloomenstein
82114-TD The OSD Pipeline: Now and Later Brimer
82236-TD Rule These Out Before You Diagnose It As Dry Eye Brujic
82116-TD Differential Diagnoses of Pigmented Retinal Lesions Casella
82118-GL Key Points for Diagnosing Glaucoma like an Expert Chaglasian
82119-GL Glaucoma Treatment Options: Best Practice Tips Chaglasian
82120-PM Documenting and Coding Laser Procedures Cheezum
82153-PM Private Equity Yin-Yang: Examining Both Sides of the Transaction Chudner, Steinberg
82122-GO Management of Digital Eyestrain: A Nutritional Approach Davey
82130-TD Current Thinking on Keratoconus from Early Diagnosis Through Comprehensive Management, Working Out of Silos! Eiden
82156-GL Controversies in Glaucoma Fingeret
82157-GL New Ideas in Glaucoma Fingeret
82158-PM "You Smell" and Other Tricky Staff Conversations Fishbein
82159-TD What would you do next to solve or treat this case? Friedberg
82160-SD Modern Day Diabetes Gerson
82994-PM Medically Necessary, Appropriate and Reasonable Care in Optometry Hom
82165-CL Starting Scleral Lenses Made Simple Hornberger
82162-CL Contacts and The Kid: Incorporating Pediatric Contacts into Primary Care Practice Kanevsky
82163-TD Illuminating IPL: How Intense Pulse light Treats Dry Eye Disease Lappin
82164-LP Laser Procedures in Optometry: The Next Frontier Lighthizer
82170-GL Customized Glaucoma Management Madonna
82166-CL Corneal Scleral Profilometry/Software-based Scleral Lens Design McBride, Sullivan
82239-TD Decoding Keratoconus and Progression Inside the Matrix Meghpara, Chang
82228-TD Chalazia and Beyond: Medical and Surgical Management of Common Eyelid Lesions Milite
82171-GO The Psychology and Science of Myopia Nguyen
82172-TD Macular Pigment and Vitreous Nutrients: Keeping an Eye on Vision Nolan
82173-PH Pharmacology Review - Systemic Medications Onofrey
82175-SD The Systemic Benefits of Cataract Surgery Pelino
82176-NO Mechanisms of Traumatic Brain Injury Petrosyan
82203-TD When Cosmetics Go Wrong: The Harms of Makeup Petrosyan
82177-PH Pain Management: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Pizzimenti
82178-GL When Glaucoma and Retina Converge Pizzimenti
82197-TD How to Identify and Treat Corneal Dystrophies and Degenerations Rapuano
82180-CL From Tots to Teens: A Guide to Pediatric Contact Lenses Resnick
82193-TD OCT Angiography: Maximizing Patient Care Rodman
82186-TD Retinal Potpourri: It's not rare if it's in your chair! Rodman
82283-TD When Good Things Go Bad: Taming Contact Lens Complications Sindt, Chang
82189-PH Presbyopia Drops: Hope or Hype? Initial Reports Silberberg
82190-PH Oral Meds Update Sorkin
82191-NO Neural Pearls Sowka
82196-PM Let's Talk About VSP Audits Steinberg
82192-PM Sports Vision Training: See Faster, Play Faster Stewart
82161-NO Optic Nerve Edema in the Pediatric Patient Sullivan
82199-FV Everything You Wanted to Know About Sports Vision But Were Afraid To Ask! Teig
82194-TD The Crosslinking Revolution – Redefining Keratoconus Care Tullo, Ayres
82195-TD Specialty Cases in Anterior Segment Disorders Witlin