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Dr. Clark Chang on Corneal Cross-Linking & Optometry: What, When, How

Discussion in 'ODwire.org TV & Radio' started by AdminWolf, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Clark Y Chang

    Clark Y Chang Director of Specialty Lens, Wills Eye - Cornea

    May 26, 2017
    Since FDA approval, insurance carriers have started approving coverage. It will take time to get to a point where reimbursement level gets to be more uniform and where majority of carriers will agree to reimburse. The latest estimates that I have seen have ~133million lives covered in total, it's a good start and we will hopefully get to the point where all patients will have coverage (fingers crossed). I have 3 info graphics to show the latest updates on insurance carriers and I will try to see if I can add to this post. Otherwise, I will ask Dr. Farkas to upload the images for me.

    Thanks for your excellent comments & questions, everyone!

    CXL Insurance Coverage_100918.JPG

    CXL Insurance Coverage_100918a.JPG

    CXL Insurance Coverage_100918b.JPG
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