Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino Discusses Valeant Acquisitions, RGPs, CL Legislation, and more...


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In this interview from CEwire2016, Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino talks about why the Valeant acquisitions should matter to all clinicians, in plain english.

He also discusses legislation that contact lens retailers are attempting to get through state houses around the country via aggressive lobbying.

Not to be missed!
"Generic" contact lenses.... scary stuff. It would effectively mean the end of any new materials coming to market (because who in their right mind would put in the investment if substitution is possible?)

Definitely worth a listen.
The e-mail address to send if you see anyone selling CLs illegally, or see complications arising from the illegal sale: StopillegalCLs@aoa.org

Oh, man.

I don't think that the use of AS-OCT to look at corneal health is taking it "one step further." Gemoules' fitting methods using AS-OCT create better corneal health than anything most experienced fitters have been able to achieve on average and looking at the corneal health using AS-OCT is just that...looking at it. -Charlie

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We're re-featuring this interview on the front page -- how have things changed 6 months on?