CEwire2015 FAQ

Mar 27, 2015
CEwire2015 FAQ
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is CEwire2015?(top)

    CEwire is the new virtual CE conference by ODwire.org, the largest online community exclusively for ECPs.

    With 30 COPE-Approved CE hours online from leading speakers on a variety of clinical and practice management topics.

    Where is it being held? And when?(top)

    CEwire2015 is held entirely online. As long as you have a computer with a decent internet connection, you may attend!

    The live portion of the event will be held over two days, on May 16th and 17th.

    HOWEVER, if you can't make the live event, you have up to 90 days to watch the recorded sessions online and claim your CE credit!

    (We are big fans of 'time-shifting' here -- we do it with TV, why not with lectures?)

    Who is running the event?(top)

    ODwire.org Staff in conjunction with site members have worked together to produce the event.

    We chose the course content and speakers based on real member feedback as we were putting the show together. We hope you enjoy it!

    How much does it cost?(top)

    The early-bird registration cost through May 1st is $99.00 for an individual practitioner, or $199 for an entire office of docs.

    Can my whole office attend?(top)

    Yes! When you pay for an office registration, an unlimited number of docs and other office staff from your location may participate. The more the merrier.

    Why is it so inexpensive? What is all this about charities?(top)

    We believe that CE is useful to keep a doc's skills current, and to protect the public.

    We believe CE should be affordable and not an undue financial burden on clinicians.

    We DO NOT believe that CE should be a major profit center for those offering CE, as this can lead to perverse incentives that shift the focus from providing high-quality education at a low cost.

    Therefore, profits from this event are being distributed to three eye care charities whose goals are either to help folks with vision disorders, or to advance the science and practice of eye care: The Lighthouse Guild, Prevent Blindness, and the American Optometric Foundation.

    Are the lectures COPE approved?(top)

    Yes! All the lectures at the event have been (or will be by May 16th) approved by COPE.

    The up-to-date course list can be found here.

    Course tests are certified by NOVA Southeastern University College of Optometry.

    ODwire.org staff went through the process of becoming COPE Administrators.

    How many CE credits can I claim?(top)

    It depends on the state in which you practice.

    Refer to this handy chart to see how many credits you can take online for each renewal cycle.

    What companies are sponsoring the event?(top)

    You can see a current list here (updated daily)

    Events like CEwire are expensive to produce: The technology, course approval process, marketing, administration, and compensation/honoraria for A-list speakers is an expensive proposition.

    Particularly because of the high number of credits and course offerings we're attempting to offer.

    We are eternally grateful to our sponsors for helping us offset this risk. We could not put together a program of this magnitude -- and offer it at such a low cost to the clinician -- without them.

    I'd like to learn more -- where are people talking about the conference?(top)

    Visit this discussion thread to talk to ODwire.org members about the conference & feel free to ask questions!

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