Wells Fargo Practice Finance

Jun 12, 2015
Wells Fargo Practice Finance
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    Wells Fargo Practice Finance


    Financing for your practice and so much more.

    Wells Fargo Practice Finance, a leading specialty lender for healthcare practices nationwide, helps optometrists acquire, start, and grow their practices. With more than 25 years of healthcare experience, we know what it takes to grow a successful practice and provide financing, experienced project guidance, and personalized practice support to help optometrists achieve their goals.

    Get up to 100% financing to:
    • Start or acquire a practice
    • Expand, update, or relocate your office
    • Purchase or upgrade equipment and technology
    • Refinance business debt
    • Invest in practice-related projects or transition events
    • Purchase commercial real estate
    Our financing programs come with important advantages to help position you for success:
    • Competitive fixed-rate loans
    • A variety of payment terms available
    • Credit decisions based in part on practice cash flow, so those with fewer assets can more easily invest in ownership and growth

    And as our customer, you’re automatically enrolled in our complimentary Practice Success Program, including valuable resources to help you successfully manage growth:
    • Business planning tools: Worksheets, planning guides, templates, and market data
    • Educational resources: Seminars, newsletters, and articles
    • Project oversight: Invoice tracking and project monitoring
    • Personalized practice support: Customized practice management consulting, professional referrals, and more

    The Wells Fargo Practice Finance difference

    Wells Fargo Practice Finance is unique in combining financing with business planning tools and professional resources to help practitioners acquire, build, equip and refinance their practices. Three key programs differentiate us from other lenders.

    1. Practice financing based primarily on the income of the practice – what we call performance-based lending – allowing doctors with fewer accumulated assets to more easily achieve their practice goals.
    2. Our signature Practice Success Program – provides free consultation, educational resources and proprietary business planning tools to support you through every transitional phase of your career.
    3. Project oversight – while other lenders finalize the relationship when they deliver the check, we’re just getting started providing vendor referrals, tracking invoices and coordinating payment schedules to ensure vendors are satisfied and your project stays on schedule.

    Products & Services(top)

    Purchase, buy into, or start your own practice(top)

    Wells Fargo Practice Finance thoroughly understands the special requirements you face when making the transition to practice ownership. As a result, we offer a suite of financing programs, business planning tools, and a network of resources to help you achieve your goal.

    • Up to 100% financing with terms to fit your budget
    • Competitive, fixed-rate loans with a variety of payment terms
    • Deferred payment programs available for practice acquisition loans
    • Graduated payment programs available for practice start-up loans
    • Working capital lines of credit
    • Automatic enrollment in our Practice Success Program for new owners

    Expand, update, or relocate your practice(top)

    Our expansion and relocation financing programs are designed to accommodate the very specific needs associated with practice upgrades–from remodeling or expanding your offices and purchasing additional equipment to moving to a new location. Our terms are carefully calculated to accomodate your budget.

    • Leasehold improvement financing (renovation and build-out)
    • Financing for expanding into additional exam rooms with new technology and equipment
    • Terms up to ten years, allowing you to maximize cash flow
    • Competitive fixed-rate loans with a variety of payment terms

    Upgrade equipment, systems, or technology(top)

    Whether you're updating information systems or equipping new lanes, our equipment financing program is designed to meet your specific needs so you can deliver a better patient experience and ensure your practice continues to thrive.

    • Competitive fixed-rate loans with a variety of payment terms
    • Terms up to 10 years, allowing you to maximize cash flow
    • Predictable payment plan
    • Potential tax benefits*

    Practice Equity Loan(top)

    Whether you upgrade your office, consolidate business debt, finance a partnership transition, or fund your business retirement plan, our Practice Equity Loan puts you in control of your future.

    • Loans from $25,000 to $500,000 depending on practice value
    • Terms up to ten years
    • Simple, convenient and confidential

    Commercial Real Estate(top)

    Wells Fargo Practice Finance helps facilitate your investment with a full range of commercial real estate products including:

    • Building and condominium purchases
    • New construction, from the ground up or building renovation
    • Existing business debt refinancing

    Our commercial real estate program offers terms that meet your needs:
    • Loans up to $5 million
    • Up to 90% financing available
    • Terms up to 25 years
    • Competitive fixed and variable rates with a variety of payment terms
    • Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) and 504 loans

    Wells Fargo’s National SBA Preferred Lender Status streamlines the loan process and makes your transaction easier and less time consuming. Best of all, we’re here to answer your questions and provide you with expert guidance along the way. We’ll discuss the different financing options available and help you select the one that’s right for you.

    Consolidate Business Debt(top)

    Our business refinance program consolidates your business term debt into one simple payment, often lowering your payment and improving your cash flow. The program is especially valuable for doctors who want to allocate more funds to other practice endeavors, including retirement plan funding.

    • Consolidate business term loans, leases and lines of credit into one convenient monthly payment
    • Reduce monthly payments
    • Free up resources to invest in your practice and your future

    Practice Success Program(top)

    When you work with Wells Fargo Practice Finance, you get more than just financing for your practice. You get the benefit of more than 25 years of experience in healthcare practice lending, the support of professionals who understand your unique needs as a practitioner, and the security of knowing that we know how to help you grow your business.

    Whether you’re pursuing ownership, planning to expand your office or are looking for proven practice management strategies, our Practice Success Program is designed to help you build and sustain a healthy practice. From the moment you start working with us, you have access to in-depth educational materials and hands-on resources to support you at every stage of your professional life.

    Practice Success Series(top)

    Whether you start with our New Doctor Planner or Project Planner, our Practice Success business planning tools guide you through your project from start to finish. As you progress, your financing specialist will provide you with the appropriate series of workbooks, worksheets and templates to help you successfully achieve your objectives and lay the foundation for future growth.

    Career-long support program(top)

    After you’ve completed your project, we can help you take your practice to the next level with additional business planning tools, educational programs and other resources. Your relationship manager is always available to help get you the information and support you need, including:

    • Tools for monitoring and managing practice growth
    • Practice management articles and tip sheets
    • Qualified referrals to optometric industry professionals

    Loan Calculator(top)

    • Compute your estimated monthly loan payment based on your total loan amount and average interest rate and term.
    • Click here for calculator

    Featured Articles(top)

    Strategies for Success newsletter(top)

    A discussion of Optometric finance and management trends to help you grow your practice

    Volume 10, Issue 1 (click to download)

    Table of Contents
    • Four tips for finding the right practice to purchase
    • The impact of healthcare legislation on optometry
    • Adding social media to your marketing mix
    • When will your practice expansion actually pay off?
    • Incorporating medical procedures into your practice
    • Philanthropy as a strategic business edge
    • Financing perspectives on your practice purchase, start-up, or expansion

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    All practice financing is subject to credit approval, and, if applicable, determination of SBA eligibility. Business Refinance Program is for business term debt only. Revolving credit and existing Wells Fargo Practice Finance debt are not eligible for consolidation.

    *Any discussion of legal, tax or accounting matters herein (including any attachments) should not and may not be relied on by any recipient or reader. The recipient/reader should consult his/her attorney, tax adviser and/or accountant for a statement of legal, tax and/or accounting rules applicable to his/her particular situation and for all other legal, tax and accounting advice.

    Make Contact / Get Started!(top)

    Ready to take the next step in your professional career?

    Click to complete the practice financing inquiry form.

    Your finance specialist will follow up to answer any questions and discuss next steps.

    If you have immediate questions, please call us at 1-800-326-0376 or Contact Your Business Development Manager. We look forward to working with you.
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