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Negotiating Managed Care Contracts, Part 1 [#R005] Radio

In this episode, Paul and Adam have a chat with noted consultant Gil Weber, MBA.

Gil takes us through the important points to be aware of when negotiating managed care contracts with insurance companies.

Whether you are just getting started, or have been accepting plans for years, Gil’s advice can help you maximize your reimbursements and ensure that you don’t get locked into a contract that makes no sense for you or your practice.

In part 1, we also review seven key points you don’t want to miss when negotiating.

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Exiting Commercial Optometric Practice, Part 2 [#R003] Radio

At some point during their careers, many docs working commerical look to change their mode of practice. But how does one actually do it successfully?

In this two-part episode, we interview a number of clinicians who have made the switch.

In Part 2, we speak with:

“Dr. X”  — an Member who went from commercial to private practice


Dr. Steven Nelson, who went from commercial to a nursing home practice.
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