AOA to Help ODs Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

We have a long thread discussing the impact of Hurricane Harvey on Site members. Many in Houston have had their offices flooded out.

After communicating with the AOA, we learned that they have relief programs and funds in place for those ODs impacted by the storm.

Here is the letter we received from Jon Hymes at the AOA:

Optometry’s Fund for Disaster Relief, a program of Optometry Cares — The AOA Foundation, has since its inception provided more than $500,000 to doctors of optometry who have endured losses from natural disasters. As with our rapid mobilization in response to last years’ floods in Louisiana, the objective right now in Texas is to provide rapid and direct financial support to ODs at the earliest possible point, and that mobilization in close coordination with the Texas Optometric Association, is already underway.

Certainly, this is an especially important moment to support Optometry’s Fund for Disaster Relief and to spread the word about this uniquely targeted and very necessary initiative. Here’s more information on how to get involved now, including by making an online donation:

I salute your special concern about how this devastating storm will impact doctors of optometry, and your desire to actively back proven relief and recovery efforts. Thank you!


Again, the link to donate is here.

Share your stories of the storm and updates in this ongoing thread.

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Head of VA: Get Rid of Optometry, there’s a “LensCrafters on Every Corner”

According to an insider as reported on, the secretary of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin, MD, suggested VA healthcare directors get rid of both optometry and audiology services.

The rationale is (of course) to save money by removing these services, and to plow the savings into upgrading VA facilities.

He allegedly stated that there are “LensCrafters on every corner“, presumably meaning that the private sector has adequately met the demand for these services, and thus it is unnecessary for the VA to replicate them.

The AOA has issued a forceful statement in response.

Would this move actually save money? Would it help or hurt the quality of care?

Read the full story and weigh in.

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HuffPo: Optometrists Counter Good Technology With Fake News And Bad Legislation (?)

The Huffington Post ran a commentary today by an author who asserts that the AOA’s fight against online refraction is nothing more than an example of “crony capitalism”, similar to the war that taxi companies are engaged in vs. Uber and Lyft —

Their main argument is that this new technology cannot check for concerns like eye infections. Of course, what they are forgetting to mention is that there is a difference between an eye prescription and eye health exam. Even consumers that use ocular telemedicine still need to receive eye health exams, but even the American Optometric Association ― the group leading the push against telemedicine ― admits that this is only necessary for health adults once every 1-2 years.

In short, Big Eye is pushing a false media narrative in order to kill technology that is jeopardizing the safety of their business model. Thankfully for us, this cartel isn’t coming even remotely close to winning their fights. Last week in New Mexico, the eye care industry quivered as Deborah Armstrong and Sheryl Williams-Stapleton’s anti-ocular telemedicine legislation received the veto stamp from the state’s governor, Susana Martinez, who is well aware that the new technology should be encouraged, not prohibited, by the state government. A similar veto came in South Carolina last year, when then-Gov. Nikki Haley affirmed that the medical lobby was “[using] health practice mandates to stifle competition for the benefit of a single industry.”

This editorial has been seen by hundreds of thousands of folks around the world.

But is the picture tthe author is painting accurate?
As a clinician, how do you feel about signing off on an Rx of a patient you’d never seen?
And how would you respond to these assertions?

Weigh in!

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CEwire2017 Available on Demand Until May 1st

Just a quick reminder that CEwire2017 is now available on demand, 24/7 until May 1st.

After that date the conference is closed & the lectures come down.

With 40 COPE and ABO-MOC approved credit hours, and an exhibit hall with deep discounts, it is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to get your CE hours in.  Learn more at the web site.

We interviewed many of the speakers at the show about their CEwire2017 courses.  Here are a few:

Opening a myopia control center of excellence (51674-GO) – Dr. Steve Silberberg :


Anterior Segment OCT Applications in Contact Lens Evaluation (51818-AS) – Dr. Jeff Sonsino


Keratoconus – A Paradigm Shift in Management has taken place (51757-AS)



Visit the CEwire2017 web site for the complete course listings.

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CEwire2017: Courses & Exhibit Hall Open until May 1st!


The live portion of CEwire2017 is now complete!

The lectures have all been recorded & are available online until May 1st.

Equally important, the exhibit hall will remain open until then, and many of the vendors have pledged to offer exclusive CEwire2017 discounts through then!

Watch the video above, then visit the CEwire2017 web site to register or log in.

If you’ve got any questions, please visit this thread & weigh in!

Jan 28 & 29, and on demand through May 1st
40 COPE-Approved CE Credits
Virtual Exhibit Hall with Discounts

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CEwire2017 Open for Early Registration

CEwire2017 Early Registration is now open! $149 / 40 COPE-approved credits.

CEwire2017 is here!
CEwire2017 is here!

I’m thrilled to announce that early registration for CEwire2017 is now open.

The show will be online LIVE January 28 & 29, 2017.

If you can’t make it live, you can still participate by watching the lectures on-demand. They’ll be available through May 1st.

You’ll also be able to visit the virtual exhibit hall to get exclusive discounts from leading vendors.

… And tune in to the CEwire2017 Livestream, where we’ll chat with optometric thought leaders and eye care industry executives.

Early registration price is $149 (regular: $179.)

Over 4,000 ODs have attended our CEwire events; we hope to see you this January!

[discuss the conference here]

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NBEO Sued Over Data Breach

The National Board of Examiners in Optometry has been sued over the data breach that has impacted thousands of optometrists across the US, as the perpetrators tried to sign individuals up fraduently for Chase Amazon Visa credit cards.

A complaint filed in the District of Maryland asks the NBEO to “immediately provide direct notice of the breach to all affected individuals.”

Read the entire complaint and weigh in.

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Nationwide Data Breach Still Hitting Optometrists

Six weeks ago we learned that a financial database of optometrists was compromised. The source of the breach is still in dispute, but the upshot is that it has led to a massive cyberattack, with the bad actors attempting to open Chase credit cards in the names of hundreds of ODs.

The fallout from the breach is ongoing, as members continue to report cards being opened in their name. If you haven’t checked your credit, you may want to now. And sign up for a fraud alert.

Read more about it here & good luck.

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News iPhone & Android App Updates

Since the redesign last week, you may have noticed that the phone apps haven’t worked properly.  We’re releasing updated versions of the apps to go with the redesigned site.

The Android version has already been released, and the iPhone version should be available shortly.

Let me know if you have any problems!

— adam

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