#33: Dr. James Kirchner & the New SynergEyes Hybrid Lenses


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Episode 33: Dr. James Kirchner & the New SynergEyes Hybrid Lenses
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On this episode of ODwire.org Radio, we speak with Dr. James Kirchner, President & CEO of SynergEyes .

Topics we cover include:
  • The newest members of the SynergEyes Duette line, including the new Duette Progressive
  • The development & evolution of hybrid lens technology
  • Clinical aspects of the new UltraHealth lens, how to fit it, and where & when to use it (vs. sclerals)

Dr. Kirchner is available to answer questions in this thread, so... fire away!



Today's show was brought to you by SynergEyes, the leading global contact lens company dedicated to the independent eye care professional.

SynergEyes manufactures and markets the Duette family of contact lenses for everyday patients seeking exceptional vision. SynergEyes is also a world leader in the contact lens market for irregular corneas and recently launched the revolutionary UltraHealth(tm) lens, the healthy vision choice for irregular corneas.

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Thanks again to Dr. Kirchner for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak with us.

Ask any follow-up questions here, por favor!

Duette Progressive a great option for patients

Hello everyone!

I have had the pleasure of being an investigator for the new Duette Progressive lens, and it proves to be a fantastic option for ALL presbyopic patients. In the past, I reserved hybrid lenses for the "really hard" patients, but with new empirical ordering, I have this lens at the top of my list for any patient who wants a multifocal lens. I'd be happy to share my experiences and some little tips that I've learned along the way. I have about 30 patients in the Duette Progressive, and only 3 have not worked out. In reality, 2 of the 3 patients who were not successful in the lens weren't the best candidates in general for multifocals. As with any other lens, proper expectations and good up-front education from the doctor will ensure success.

Again, I'd be happy to help address any questions. I think this lens is the next big thing in presbyopic correction. Just think--if you could get all of your presbyopic patients referring you all of their presbyopic friends to get these lenses--what a practice builder! I've seen this happen in my office.

Have a great day!
Any tricks for improving comfort on a lens with good movement. Minor spk centrally as well but appears as a adequate fit. My Px k's are 45.5/46 and started with flat skirt and 7.3 bc.
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Any tricks for improving comfort on a lens with good movement. Minor spk centrally as well but appears as a adequate fit. My Px k's are 45.5/46 and started with flat skirt and 7.3 bc.

Hi Anthony,

With a flat K of 45.5 (7.42 mm), the Duette calculator on the Synergeyes website suggests a 7.5 base curve. We always want to go as flat as possible, without going flatter than flat K. A 7.5 (45.00) is a little flatter than flat K, but it may be worth a try. I think a 7.3 (46.23) might be too steep, and could explain the central staining. I used to always assume that central staining was from central touch , but learned that central staining is from tear stagnation, which can result when the lens is too steep.

I would first start with a 7.5/flat for your patient. Then let them wear the lens for a full week. If the lens has too much movement at the 1 week follow-up, then I would try a 7.5/medium.

Just curious, did you order empirically? How is the vision?
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It might also help to have the patient instill a drop or two of Blink before insertion, if they aren't already doing that.
The vision was ok but the near acuity was better at a reduced working distance. I dis try the MF but on the new order went to the progressive with a +1 add ou. I also went to flat2 on the left eye since movement was minimal