#38: Biologic Therapies and PROKERA with Dr. Nick Colatrella


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Episode 38: Biologic Therapies & PROKERA® with Dr. Nick Colatrella

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Biologic therapies (using substances made from living organisms to treat disease) are the latest cutting-edge tool that you can implement in your practice to improve patient outcomes.

In this ODwire.org Radio show, we sit down with Nick Colatrella, OD, FAAO to discuss:

* What biologic therapies are
* How he uses them in his private practice in Minnesota
* How clinicians who want to get started with biologic therapies can do so & build them into their practices.

We also talk more in-depth with Dr. Colatrella about PROKERA®, a biologic corneal bandage composed of preserved amniotic membrane tissue.

Docs who want to provide leading-edge care to their patients & differentiate themselves should take a listen to this show!

Please discuss your experiences with biologic therapies in the thread below, Dr. Colatrella can answer any follow-up questions here!
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Thanks again to Nick for a fun talk; I confess going into the show I knew very little about the use of biologics, so this one was definitely useful for me!