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#58: On Flexible Contact Lens Wear in 2017 - Dr. Scot Morris

Discussion in 'ODwire.org TV & Radio' started by AdminWolf, May 31, 2017.

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    On Flexible Contact Lens Wear in 2017 - Dr. Scot Morris
    Dr. Scot Morris
    Conifer, CO

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    As clinicians, we know that some patients have been engaging in "flexible wear" of their lenses since contact lenses first hit the market... whether we wanted them to or not!

    But it is in the past couple of decades that contact lens technology has finally made flexible wear a safe and realistic alternative for many patients.

    In this ODwire.org Radio Episode, we speak with Dr. Scot Morris about trends in flexible contact lens wear, including:

    • How he identifies the candidates for flexible wear, and the typical lifestyle needs of these patients.

    • The latest technologies that have addressed issues of dryness and oxygen transmissibility that allow safe flexible wear.

    • We discuss the specific characteristics of AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA, and why Dr. Morris uses this particular lens for flex wear.
    • Some of the protocols he uses for flexible wear patients in his own practice.
    If you've got any follow-up questions for Dr. Morris, feel free to ask them here!