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Paul Farkas

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Dec 28, 2000
Columbia University / PCO
Lake Oswego
I received an e mail with a question that may be important in some states...

Hi Paul.
I got your invitation to register early for your 2018 classes and I’m interested in signing up again, like I did in 2016. However, when I took the classes in 16, I watched them at a later time and took tests on each of the classes in order to get online credit for them only in my state of Minnesota. I took 20 online classes then, but only are allowed to do 15 online classes in our state.

Because I watched them not live, it was good to take the test, but occasionally I had to review the subject material video to find the answers to the questions.

I’m a little intimidated to take the classes live if there is a test requirement afterwards (to get credit) without reviewing portions of the videos. If you watch the classes live, are you still required to take the test at the end of the classes? (To get credit).

I am asking because I believe my state will allow live lecture credit if you’re watching the courses live, but if the tests were taken and not passed, would there still be credit given?

In 2016, I just watched the classes that I was interested in when I felt compelled to. I’m assuming if you watch the classes live, that they are at scheduled times. Are those times listed on the registration? How do you know that people are actually watching the class and not just washing their hair?

Maybe you can give me a courtesy call and answer some of these questions before I sign up.

Dr _________ -

My response...

Hi ____

Certain states consider taking the courses on our two live days on 1/20/18 and 1/21/18/ with instructor available to answer question, the same as attending an site course. Your certificate will note taking courses on those days.

Hopefully you will pass the test the same day but if not retaking the exam later and then passing should be OK provided you attended the course on the live days. You should check with your state board. Your certificate will note you took the courses on the live dates.

Since you cannot take all 50 hours during the two days, I suggest you take the needed hours with the least challenging courses of interest, where you are assured passing first shot.

I believe the system has a way of checking if the participant is in attendance. The technology is outstanding.

Thanks for asking and we look forward to your participation in CEwire2018.


If you have any questions use this forum to ask . I'm certain with 44,000 ODs receiving information there should be plenty of questions although the mailing did cover most issues.