AI Meets OD: How Machine Learning is Impacting Optometry and its Treatment of Digital Eyestrain


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Feb 24, 2001
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In this webinar, we take a detailed journey, explaining how artificial intelligence (AI), big data and customized algorithms can distill vast amounts of information into understandable treatment plans.

The focus will be to gain insight how new technologies combine testing and data to reveal specific treatments for digital eyestrain and headaches. Understanding how AI and relational databases help understanding to improve patient outcomes for extremely complicated symptomology.

We'll explore the science of how AI can lead to better treatments and understanding for patients with digital eyestrain and headaches. A Q&A will follow the talk, so don't miss it!

Timothy Fries, OD, MBA - Private Practitioner, Columbus, OH
Carol Nelson, MD - Neurologist & Headache Specialist
Aric Plumley, MBA - CTO, eyeBrain Medical
Hope to see everyone there tomorrow night -- been a lot of back-to-back shows here, I hope we're keeping you at least somewhat entertained while trapped in the house! (Tiger King is only so many episodes...)

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Thanks to everyone who attended! Big crowd last night, hope it was fun for everyone.

Interesting topic -- it makes you wonder how machine learning is moving into other aspects of eye care (OCT, etc...) anywhere that you can collect large amounts of digital data across practices would seem to be a good fit.

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