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A special reminder...

We have a large number vendors who want to meet and chat with you at their booth in the virtual exhibit hall. They are staffing the booth during 10am ET ( 7am PT)- 8PM ET ( 5PM PT) on 2/8/20 and 2/9/20.

In addition, Adam Farkas, MD,MBA will be hosting CEwire2020 Live! His sidekick will be Gretchyn Bailey, FAAO Editor of Optometry Times. I'll be dropping by once in awhile.

The show will have guests from industry, as well as selected course instructors. There will interesting discussions plus highlighting the special vendor discounts. Sort of like Vision Expo without leaving home.

You can ask questions during on CEwire2020Live!. There is no charge to visit the exhibit hall, just register as an auditor.
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We're going to have a few more schedule changes before all is said and done (some speakers had to shift their talks around...)

More info to follow, this should be totally locked by tomorrow afternoon (I hope!)

getting excited for the show, it is going to be a hoot as always!

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