Contact Lens Innovations: Improving Patient Outcomes with Dr. Pamela Lowe


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In this Webinar, Dr. Pamela Lowe of Niles, IL discusses the latest in contact lens materials and designs.

The focus of the talk is on how this new tech is used in Alcon's contact lens product line; we'll review the technology, and how each lens can work for different patients and lifestyles.

Dr. Lowe can answer any questions you have about the talk in the thread below.


Dr. Lowe is the Past President of the Illinois Optometric Association and is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at ICO. She has been in private practice since 1992.

Thanks to Alcon for being an Sponsor in 2016!

Dr. Lowe was compensated by Alcon for her participation in this webinar.

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Thanks again to Dr. Lowe for taking the time to give the talk! Please direct any questions to her in the thread below.
Is it just me or did the Biofinity have superior O2 transmissibility compared to the B&L Ultra which was higher on the Dk/t scale?