Dr. Howard Ketelson on the SYSTANE Product Family of Artificial Tears


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In this ODwire TV episode, we speak with Howard Ketelson, PhD, former Head of Dry Eye Care Ideation and Innovation at Alcon, and now life sciences expert at PA Consulting.

We discuss his involvement in the development of the SYSTANE® Product Family of Artificial Tears. (He was one of the scientists at Alcon responsible for its development; it is always fun to speak to 'insiders' who can give us some insight as to how and why product were developed!)

We also turn our attention to the latest product in the family, SYSTANE® COMPLETE PF, a preservative-free formulation, and discuss its benefits and how it is different from other drops.
Thanks again to Dr. Ketelson for taking the time!
How much is being paid to odwire for this thread appearing here ?
Hi Stanley,

It doesn't work that way; Alcon is a sponsor of ODwire.org, they help keep the site running. They will sometimes bring me people to talk to for ODwire TV episode, if they have something interesting to say. I think I mention that they are a sponsor right at the start of the interview.

Other companies (sponsors or not) sometimes allow me access to execs -- I'm willing to speak with anyone! They just need to ask and/or say "yes" when I approach them.

Witness this one with Allergan's Dave Gibson back in 2019 when Refresh PM suddenly disappeared. I didn't get paid by Allergan for them to get that message out, I was genuinely curious as to WTH happened to Refresh, I figured everyone else would be too, especially because the information wasn't really generally available.

If I see stories developing, I will also reach out to various companies to talk (a couple I can think of off the top of my head this week -- the PFAS in contact lenses issue, and the problems with Solutionreach cancellations. I would love to hear from those who know what is actually going on there, and hopefully I can get someone to address them.)

I don't think we mentioned it in the interview above, but Dr. Ketelson was retiring from Alcon [literally days after we shot this], and this was one of the last interviews he did, and I'm glad we were able to get it done.

-- ad
Let's not confuse if Dr. Ketelson is/was being paid or if Alcon is paying. Clearly something is being paid to odwire - and I have no objection to such. So, to then rephrase the question.......if Alcon was not a sponsor, would this thread exist? .........and the answer is frankly immaterial because the question is pretty much rhetorical anyway.