Dr. Laura Periman: Dry Eye Bedtime Story: Sweet Dreams or Nightmares?


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From the CEwire2021 Livestream — Laura Periman, MD talks about her lecture “Dry Eye Bedtime Story: Sweet Dreams or Nightmares“.

She also discusses the “Whole 30” diet plan that helps her patients determine food sensitivity, which can contribute to dry eye issues.

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BTW if you've seen her talk she discusses the "whole 30" diet, it sounds like pure torture to me, but apparently it has been helpful for folks who want to reduce inflammation, or at least narrow down any food sensitivities they might have.
Hey, I'd like to register a major complaint.

I enjoyed the video, but flunked the quiz--twice, in fact--because the esoteric information (ex: cosmetics preservatives) was not addressed in the lecture.

In fact, I question whether the quiz and the lecture are referring to the same subject.

Please advise.