EssilorLuxottica 360: Improving Traffic, Visibility, Patient Experience & Maximizing Profitability


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Learn more about a program designed to help ECP’s improve patient traffic, visibility and patient experience while maximizing profitability. Introducing EssilorLuxottica 360, a program powered by Essilor, Luxottica and EyeMed.

An interactive Q&A will follow the presentation, so come with questions!!

About the Speaker
Jonathan Smith is the Training Director at Luxottica Wholesale North America. He is an MBA graduate who began his career at Luxottica in brand management overseeing the marketing strategy for all premium fashion eyewear brands.

With over 15 years of experience in branding and marketing in the luxury, fashion, and beauty industries, Jonathan brings a wealth of business experience. Today he leads the North American Luxottica training department at Luxottica in building a strong education vision and strategy to support the industry.
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Thanks everyone for turning out last night.

I was able to ask the question about data privacy/security, start watching the video at the top at the 43:47 mark if you're interested in that topic.

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In person voting is a secret ballot.

With widespread use of mail ballots, over time, what concerns me is not lost ballots or problems with one person/one vote

What concerns me is someone in the household insisting on marking ballots for the entire household. Or someone letting it be known that for $10 or a few extra pills, they get to mark the person's ballot in exchange for the gift. Just think about the number of abusive spouse households - does anyone doubt that someone who beats their spouse would also insist on seeing the ballot before it's sealed? Even in non-abusive situations, where a spouse may be going against what the family usually votes, it's much easier to keep it secret when it's in person than on a ballot which another family member might insist on viewing.

I "vote" for starting one month prior to election day at voting stations + mail in ballots for people who reside out of the area or are handicapped.