Extending CEwire2019 Closing Date to 7/8/19 Midnight EDT

Discussion in 'CEwire2019' started by Paul Farkas, Jun 28, 2019.

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    The CEwire2019 courses have been well accepted breaking attendance records.

    There has been a rush of late applicants during the past month. There are also many who want to complete their 56 hours and pass the exam to receive one year free ODwire supporting membership and compete in the raffle for the Apple Watch.

    For these reasons a one week extension during the 4th of July week and Canada Day celebrations will give our CEwire2019 participants a bit of breathing room during the coming week.

    Plans are already underway for CEwire2020, which will be special. Announcements will begin in the Autumn. If there is any topic outside the box which you would like, please share. If it is something to consider, we'll seek out the very best presenter.
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