Gretchyn Bailey on the Changing Demographics & Tech of Eye Care, and the Future


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... from the InSight Studio at Optometry's Meeting 2018 in Denver, CO!

Thanks to Johnson and Johnson Vision for letting us use their facilities!

Gretchyn Bailey, Editor in Chief of Optometry Times, on the Changing Demographics of ECPs:

Gretchyn on the changes in tech over the past 30 years!

... and finally, Gretchyn on the future:

I'm afraid to watch!
Amazing how the interviews get cut up -- Gretchyn and I spoke for a good 15 minutes. ..

I find the first talk about demographics to be the most interesting, as this is really going to have the biggest impact on the field (IMO) vs. just about anything else.

As boomers retire or meet their reward over the next 10 years, and GenX being a rather small cohort, you can imagine how different the field is going to look.
I haven't watched yet...did they cut out the part I was worried about...where I yelled at the viewer? LOL
A great 3 minute interview. Gretchen will have a lot more to say on CEwire2019 Live! when she is co-host.

Be certain to tune in on 1/26/19 and 1/27/19 during the CEwire2019 rollout. Complete instructions will be part of your registration packet.