Growing your Practice with Astigmatic Patients - Dr. John Schachet [ODwire TV]

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    These days most docs are actively seeking out sources for practice growth. It might surprise you to learn that astigmats make up a large, under served patient population!

    In this interview, Dr. John Schachet discusses the opportunities to grow your practice with this group of patients, and how to fit them successfully.

    We discuss:
    • The potential market size of astigmatic patients
    • The key factors contributing to astigmatic patient success with contact lenses
    • How to choose the toric lens that best fits the patient's lifestyle
    • How Alcon’s Toric Portfolio can help you satisfy your astigmatic patients’ needs
    If you've got any tips about fitting astigmats, or questions for Dr. Schachet, please fire away in this thread!

    -- adam