How to Read an OCT Image -- with Jerome Sherman, OD, FAAO


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How to Read an OCT Image

Jerome Sherman, OD, FAAO
SUNY Optometry

In this webinar, Dr. Sherman takes us through the basics of reading an OCT, and goes through a bunch of rapid-fire images, detailing different disease states.

I thought this one would be useful to bring out of the archives -- Dr. Sherman really does a good job in the time he was given.
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Still getting the memorial video on the iPad.
Still getting the memorial video on the iPad.

Brand new build of the iPad App coming out later this week, with a streamlined look & more features -- it should take care of it (I hope!) Unlike making changes on the web, all changes to Apps need to be approved by Apple, and they've been on vacation since wednesday... grrr...

I'm bumping this webinar too, as many folks new to the site may not have seen it.

Jerry Sherman does a rapid fire review of how to read OCT images. If you like this one, be sure to catch his lecture on CEwire2015 (for credit, no less!)
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