OCT-Angiography Applications in Primary Care featuring Optovue Solix by Visionix with Dr. John Warren


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Are you interested in adding OCT-Angiography to your practice and want to know how to utilize it?

In this ODwire.org webinar highlighting Optovue Solix by Visionix's OCT-Angiography (OCT-A), we learn how OCT-A can give you enhanced data and assist you in being a better clinician.

We explore:
  • How to use OCT-A in their practice
  • How OCT-A works
  • What OCT-A can show and how to interpret it
  • Case studies with pathology examples of AMD, BRVO, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Glaucoma
A Q&A follows with Dr. Warren

About the Speaker

John Warren, OD
, graduated from the Indiana University School of Optometry in 1992 and owns Warren Eye Care in Mt Pleasant, WI.

He has not only published widely in various optometric publications, but he also served as the 2003 President of the Wisconsin Optometric Association.

Dr. Warren assisted in developing his own electronic medical record system, EyeCodeRight, and enjoys consulting and speaking in the ophthalmic industry on clinical patient care, practice efficiency and product development. His clinical interests include difficult contact lens fittings and pediatric and geriatric eye care.

He can be found on his practice's website at https://www.warreneyecarecenter.com/

About Visionix

Visionix is the global manufacturer and exclusive sales, service, and training provider for Optovue OCT, Visionix screening and refraction systems, as well as Briot and Weco lens finishing equipment in North America. We are a pioneer in integrating core refractive, screening, and imaging technologies to address the ever-changing needs of eye care professionals.

Today, we are proud to offer high-speed OCT and OCT-A technology designed to facilitate the diagnosis and management of a range of ocular diseases. Our goal is to improve access to a complete suite of advanced visual health solutions that transform the patient experience.

With over 100 years of innovation, an expanded product line, as well as a new level of support, clinical education, and practice integration, we are well-positioned to help you unlock your potential.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday. Haven't had a show with Dr. Warren in a while! -- adam
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Archive up! If you have any questions for Dr. Warren or Visionix, feel free to post them here, or send me a PM and I can pass them forward.

-- adam