Ocular Surface Disease: Demystifying the Diagnosis with Dr. Crystal Brimer


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Ocular Surface Disease: Demystifying the Diagnosis from CEwire2018 - Dr Crystal Brimer

Watch the entire presentation & earn COPE credit at CEwire2018!

In this interview, we talk to Dr. Brimer about her dry eye protocol and how she's used it to build a large dry eye practice!

She has also just started the Dry Eye Institute, where you can come visit & learn how to implement these techinques in your own office.

So excited--- The Dry Eye Institute is hosting our first dry eye retreat this weekend!
The take home items from this workshop are going to be unheard of!!!

Spring dates are already posted...Check it out at www.dryeye.institute

Our first retreat at the Dry Eye Institute was AHH-MAZING!!!
Thankful to have been surrounded by such great minds, dedicated to their patients and our profession! Can't wait to see how dry eye is going to transform each of these practices in the coming weeks and months!
----AND everyone walked out with $5558 in products!!! SCORE!!!