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Feb 24, 2001
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Hi all,

Thanks for making CEwire2019 a huge hit! We're in the planning stages for CEwire2020 already, and we're using the feedback that you left us in the exit survey from the conference.

One gratifying thing is that over 99% of respondents said that they'd recommend the program to a friend, and that 94% will come back next year (even if they've already fulfilled their biennial requirements.) I'm glad we've been able to keep the show fun for everyone!

I've got a quick question that I neglected to ask on the survey, so i'm asking for your feedback here:

Several of the courses that we offered had overlap with optician's CE classes. If we had the interest, we could go through the process of getting a few of the courses at the next show certified for opticians (say 10 credits out of the 50-60 that we'll be offering.)

It requires some software changes and the pain of going through a second accrediting body for those lectures, but I wanted to throw it out there -- is this something you'd be interested in having? Would you register your opticians (at a much reduced price of course, b/c we'd be offering fewer credits for them.)

I'll probably shoot out an e-blast to all CEwire attendees asking for your opinion, but I thought i'd open it up here, as you know I value your opinion...