Refining the Role of your Techs to Grow Your Practice - Dr. Gregory O'Connor


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What role does new technology play in the modern optical? What can a practice owner do empower staff to succeed and do more?

Gregory O’Connor, OD, owner of Malibu Eye Center Optometry and Malibu In Sight Optometry, has over 35 years of practice experience. He will present a practice owner’s point of view on new technology investment and how he utilizes the latest innovations to empower his technicians. He describes the key role of his technicians and how the combination of the right technology can result in staff empowerment, allowing him to operate at the top of his license.

This webinar explores how today’s most advanced and highly automated technologies will empower technicians to take ownership of the patient experience—allowing practice owners and eye care professionals to evolve their practice and elevate the full customer experience. It dives into how implementing Visionix® solutions has also allowed him to be an effective educator and patient advocate.

Attendees of this course will explore:
• Why technology is important to transform your practice
• How refining the technician’s role will help maximize your time
• Why the right data helps you become a better patient advocate

This webinar is ideal for clinicians and practice owners who are looking to enhance the patient workflow, increase practice efficiency and increase their ROI.

About the featured technology:  
Integrated Visionix technologies are forward-thinking to help practice owners transform and scale the patient experience. The remote-ready technology is ideal for cold starts and high-volume, multi-location clinics, or a telehealth set-up. 

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This one should be a little different -- focusing on the techs in the office and how technology is used to delegate tasks more efficiently. Hope to see you there on thursday --ad
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