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What role does telehealth play in Optometry?
What can a practice owner do to provide on-demand, patient-centric care?

In this Webinar, Rasa Tamulavichus, OD -- the founder of Big City Optical with over 16 years of practice experience and 16 locations to date -- presents a practice owner’s point of view on new technology investment and how she utilizes the latest innovations to grow and scale her business while enhancing the patient experience.

She describes how the right technology combination allows her to provide exceptional patient care as the primary care doctor for the eye.

We explore how today’s most advanced and highly automated technologies will empower owners and eye care professionals to evolve their practice and elevate the complete customer experience.

We also dive into how implementing Visionix® solutions has also allowed her to be an effective educator and patient advocate.

The webinar explores:

* How Dr. Tamulavichus reimagined patient care during a pandemic
* How to reimagine the role of the Optometrist
* How to reimagine the patient experience

This webinar is ideal for clinicians and practice owners looking to enhance the patient experience and grow their business through the implementation of telehealth.

About the featured technology:
Integrated Visionix technologies are forward-thinking to help practice owners transform and scale the patient experience. The remote-ready technology is ideal for cold starts, high-volume, multi-location clinics, or telehealth setup.
For those unaware of Dr. Tamulavichus, she went from a single cold-start location 5 years ago to the 16 locations now around the Chicago area (!!!). The offices are all tied together with tech and she keeps the whole thing running using these more advanced tools.

This should be a fun one! Bring questions ...

will you be posting a recording of this webinar?
yup! need to edit it first but it should be up soon (CEwire prep is taking priority this week!)

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Hello! Would you know the best way to get ahold Dr Tamulavichus? I attended the webinar but would love to pick her brain more on this topic and arrange a tour of one or more of her offices. Thanks!
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Hello! Would you know the best way to get ahold Dr Tamulavichus? I attended the webinar but would love to pick her brain more on this topic and arrange a tour of one or more of her offices. Thanks!
Sending you her details via PM!

Visionix® VX650

The Visionix® VX650 revolutionizes ocular assessment by introducing the only solution that allows eye care professionals to deliver a comprehensive eye exam at the push of a button. It incorporates a 45-degree fundus camera and all the essential technologies to evaluate both anterior and posterior segments in a single device. The highly automated VX650 lets a moderately trained user detect a wide range of visual pathologies. Visionix® VX650 Wavefront Anterior Segment Analyzer with Retinal Imaging
Visionix® Eye Refract

Revolutionize refraction with the Visionix® Eye Refract dynamic wavefront refraction system. The Eye Refract system uses dual, Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometers, combined with a fully automated digital phoropter, to deliver highly accurate and reproducible refractions in less than 4 minutes. In addition to the objective examination, our patented system includes a fully guided objective refraction, eliminating operator bias via standardized testing procedure. When used in conjunction with the new VX25 Short Chart, the refraction system fits within a 43″ footprint, eliminating the space requirements of a traditional examination lane. Eye Refract - Luneau Technology USA
If you have any follow-up questions for Dr. Rasa, again feel free to post them here. Took a while to get the archive up!

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David -- webinars are not for ARBO CE credit, they are just to increase your knowledge :)

All accredited CE activity takes place inside of CEwire, right now at