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Paul Farkas

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Dec 28, 2000
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We arr pleased to have selected VOSH to receive a portion of the CEwire2017 payment.

They recently wrote...

Dear Adam and Paul,

This letter is to acknowledge and thank you for the generous donation to Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity/International from CEWire in the sum of $5000.00, which was presented at the VOSH Annual Meeting on November 12, 2016. VOSH appreciates your support and generosity.

VOSH/International, and the thousands of people we serve, are grateful for your donation. Unless you have an objection, we will acknowledged your donation on the V/I website: http://vosh.org/donate/donors-and-contributors/. Please tell me how you would like your name to appear on the List of Donors.

For more than 40 years, VOSH/International and its chapters have been the voice of optometry in developing nations. Its mission is to provide and sustain vision care in areas of world where people have no access nor could afford such vision care. Your generosity makes it possible for VOSH/International to continue its work worldwide and in our own country too. It makes it possible to help our chapters with support and supplies and to support programs like our Technology Transfer Program, which donates optometric equipment and supplies to optometry schools and eye clinics around the world. It makes it possible to develop new programs like VOSH Corps, whose goal is to provide optometric educators at minimal expense to optometry schools in the developing world, until the brightest local graduates become the new optometric faculty. VOSH Corps will address an extraordinary challenge and a new initiative and opportunity for North American optometrists in building optometric education in the developing world.

So that you may stay up to date with the great things that VOSH and its chapters are doing, we will add you to the VOSH/International general distribution list. Further, we suggest you “like" the V/I Facebook page which has many interesting posts regarding the work of various chapters. http://www.facebook.com/vosh.org

The vision care needs of the planet are enormous. But together, and with generous donations like yours, we really can change lives. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity in helping to accomplish our mission, which is to provide quality vision care to those who cannot afford it or do not have access to quality vision care worldwide.
In keeping with IRS guidelines, we verify that no goods or services have been provided to you in return for the amount of your donation, unless otherwise specified.
We look forward to our continued relationship.


Ellen Weiss, OD, FVI
President, VOSH/International™


Natalie Venezia
Executive Director, VOSH/International™


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