Why Standard Contact Lenses Can Limit Options and Practice Growth with Dr. Moshe Schwartz


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Feb 24, 2001
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In this ODwire.org Webinar, Dr. Moshe Schwartz leads an in-depth discussion of how to incorporate customized soft contact lenses into your practice to enhance and improve patient care.

Standard contact lenses frequently work well, but even in 2022 there are many clinical situations where results with them are suboptimal. This talk will review uses of modern specialty soft lenses in practice.

Dr. Schwartz also discusses his use of specialty soft lenses to grow his practice -- in particular how he uses them with professional athletes (NFL players!), as well as for the management of myopia, and other advanced clinical situations.

About the Speaker

Moshe Schwartz, OD, FAAO is the owner of EyeSymmetry Vision Center in Owings Mills, MD.

He earned his Doctor of Optometry degree from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and has been in private practice with a strong focus on anterior segment, specialty contact lenses and sports vision since 1997. He is a Diplomate in Cornea, Contact Lenses, and Refractive Technology in the American Academy of Optometry. Dr. Schwartz spent a year at John’s Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Wilmer Eye Institute as a Pediatric Optometrist and actively participated in the Baltimore Pediatric Eye Disease Study. He is involved in clinical research and is a consultant to the contact lens industry. He is also a faculty member of the Chicago College of Optometry as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in Midwestern University College of Optometry.
Archive is up! Thanks to Moshe for a fun show. Feel free to ask questions here.

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