Interview: Dr. Barry Eiden on the Latest in Keratoconus Management

In this brief interview, we discuss with Dr. Eiden the latest in Keratoconus treatment, and his CEwire2017 lectureKeratoconus – A Paradigm Shift in Management has taken place (51757-AS)

Dr. Eiden’s entire keratoconus lecture can be viewed at CEwire2017.


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Using the Keratograph 5M to Build your Practice – Dr. Barry Eiden [#R040]

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Barry Eiden to discuss how he’s built his dry eye practice.

We focus on a particular instrument, the Keratograph 5M, an advanced corneal topographer, and how he uses it to:

  • Evaluate dry eye
  • Track disease progression
  • Educate patients

He discusses tips for building your own dry eye practice, and I ask him a tough question:

Should it be the standard of care to perform a thorough meibomian gland evaluation on all dry eye patients?

(Our thanks again to long-time Supporter OCULUS for sponsoring this show!)

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