Using Innovation to Grow your Practice with the Latest Technologies with Dr. Michelle Hoff


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Are you ready to explore how to grow your practice?

Implementing innovative state-of-the-art technologies can help you obtain high quality diagnostic data allowing you to provide the best in patient care while growing your practice.

In this webinar, Dr. Michelle Hoff will discuss how a complete suite of Visionix solutions can give you thorough data that helps you educate your patients while increasing revenue.

This overview of solutions will get you thinking about how you can offer your patients more.

Attendees of this course will explore:
  • Why technology investments are important to your practice
  • How technology boosts the overall patient experience
  • The importance of iWellness
  • How to re-elevate your current suite of technologies

This webinar is ideal for clinicians and practice owners who are looking to enhance the patient experience, spend more time educating their patients, and invest in technology that provides comprehensive diagnostic data in a streamlined and profitable manner.

A live Q&A will follow with Dr. Hoff so don't miss it!

About the Speaker

Dr. Michelle Hoff became a licensed optician in 1987 and has 3 degrees from the University of California Berkeley including her degree of Doctor of Optometry.

She started her career as a staff optician in 1990 and progressed to associate professor.

At Berkeley, Dr. Hoff's area of education is Ophthalmic Optics but has taught Clinical Examination of the Eye and a clinical instructor in the Eye Wear Center, Primary Care, and Binocular Vision clinics. She also has experience in retail optical sales, management, and private practice.

In addition to her teaching position, Dr. Hoff is one of three founding partners of Sightline Ophthalmic Consulting, LLC.

The company is committed to helping vision care professionals through education and training to elevate their patient care and business revenue.

She is also the founder and Executive Director of Mindful Eyes Foundation, a non-profit foundation whose mission is to provide prescription eyeglasses and to help arrange vision and eye health care appointments with community eye care professionals for individuals who are otherwise unable to obtain assistance.

About Visionix

Visionix is the global manufacturer and exclusive sales, service, and training provider for Optovue OCT, Visionix screening and refraction systems, as well as Briot and Weco lens finishing equipment in North America. We are a pioneer in integrating core refractive, screening, and imaging technologies to address the ever-changing needs of eye care professionals.

Today, we are proud to offer high-speed OCT and OCT-A technology designed to facilitate the diagnosis and management of a range of ocular diseases. Our goal is to improve access to a complete suite of advanced visual health solutions that transform the patient experience.

With over 100 years of innovation, an expanded product line, as well as a new level of support, clinical education, and practice integration, we are well-positioned to help you unlock your potential.
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Hope to see everyone on Thursday night. Bring your questions!
Thanks again to everyone who attended tonight, an archive of this webinar should be available soon; we will also be replaying this and other shows in the Lobby at CEwire2023 in September!

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