Using Innovation to Grow your Practice with the Latest Technologies with Dr. Michelle Hoff

Are you ready to explore how to grow your practice? Implementing innovative state-of-the-art technologies can help you obtain high quality diagnostic data allowing you to provide the best in patient care while growing your practice.

In this webinar, Dr. Hoff will discuss how a complete suite of Visionix solutions can give you thorough data that helps you educate your patients while increasing revenue. This overview of solutions will get you thinking about how you can offer your patients more.

Attendees of this course will explore:

• Why technology investments are important to your practice
• How technology boosts the overall patient experience
• The importance of iWellness
• How to re-elevate your current suite of technologies

This webinar is ideal for clinicians and practice owners who are looking to enhance the patient experience, spend more time educating their patients, and invest in technology that provides comprehensive diagnostic data in a streamlined and profitable manner.


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