Optovue Solix by Visionix: Revolutionizing Patient Care with Multimodality and Unparalleled Detail with Dr. Mile Brujic

Are you interested in adding or upgrading an OCT to your practice?
Do you want to provide better care for your patients?

In this webinar, discover how the multimodal Optovue Solix can revolutionize your practice and help you provide unparalleled care to your patients.

Attendees of this course will explore:
• Why to choose a multimodal OCT
• How to effectively find, assess, and monitor a variety of pathologies
• How the multimodal capabilities like FullRange anterior chamber scans, external and IR imaging, fundus photography, and OCT all work in tandem to let you see the whole picture
• OCT-A 3D technology, non-invasive diagnostics for early detection, the only FDA-cleared OCT-A metrics, and better R&R
• Increased ROI potential with Optovue Solix
• Real cases where multimodal OCT made a difference in care
• Where might OCT multimodality head in the future
• And MORE!

A Q&A follows with Dr. Brujic, so don’t miss it! 

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DAILIES TOTAL1 and the Evolution of Contact Lens Materials – Dr. Mile Brujic [#R022]

Frequent contributor Dr. Mile Brujic sits down with us to discuss the evolution of contact lens materials — from Paul’s Era (PMMA!) through today.

We also speak in-depth about the new DAILIES TOTAL1 lens, which represents the very latest in contact lens material science and the first truly novel material in some time.

Mile’s practice was one of the clinical test sites for the lens, and he shares his several months of experience working with it, and the impact its had on patients.

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