Dr. Art Epstein on MGD and why “Dry Eye” is an Antiquated Term!

In this InSight Studio interview, we speak with Dr. Art Epstein on Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, and why “Dry Eye” is an Antiquated term. He hits on some of the big issues in ocular surface disease today, including:

* Will meibography become a standard of care?
* The current crop of OSD treatments
* Whether meibomian gland clearance is necessary to treat the underlying condition

Watch the video & weigh in!

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Ocular Surface Disease: Demystifying the Diagnosis – Dr Crystal Brimer

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Ocular Surface Disease: Demystifying the Diagnosis – Dr Crystal Brimer (56132-AS)

Every day patients with ocular surface issues enter our exam room, with and without symptoms.

Learn how to implement easy, yet compelling, screening techniques that create an opportunity to practice preventative care instead of reactive care.

Discover diagnostic tips and tools to scientifically pinpoint the underlying etiology of your patient’s dry eye symptoms and prepare you to couple them with proven, diagnostic based treatments for predictable results.

Without a formula, the success of ocular surface treatments can be hit or miss, but utilizing such a systemic approach creates outcome predictability and clinical confidence.

Watch the full lecture online at CEwire2018! Earn up to 50 COPE-Approved CE Credits.

We’ve also interviewed Dr. Brimer about her diagnostic algorithm for ocular surface disease:

Discuss the lecture in this thread.

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