Introducing Optovue Solix with Dr. Julie Rodman

This is the first webinar showcasing the latest innovation in OCT/OCT-A technology and how these latest technological advancements can assist you in revolutionizing clinical assessment:

Attendees of this course will explore what the 1st FullRange® SD-OCT can do for your patients and your practice.

Topics include:

FullRange Anterior Segment: Views of entire anterior chamber from surface of cornea to anterior surface of lens
FullRange Retina: Deeper scans, higher definition
Glaucoma: New and improved scan patterns, Better R+R, earlier detection,
Exclusive AngioAnalytics: First OCTA 3D technology, non-invasive diagnostics for early detection, FDA cleared metrics, better PAR,
AngioWellness with iWellness protocol: Find disease to manage disease; GCC and RNFL with analytics,
• And MORE!

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