CEwire2021: Last Chance to Get 64 COPE Credits!

Just a reminder that the live portion of CEwire2021, the largest virtual CE conference in eyecare, is drawing to a close!

The last live event will be online on June 12-13, with 64 live credits available! The courses will also remain on demand through August 31st.

Download the course schedule here & plan your weekend.

Learn more & REGISTER HERE

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What to Expect at CEwire2017

Drs. Adam & Paul Farkas discuss the upcoming CEwire2017 Virtual Conference, and what participants can expect.

To learn more, visit http://www.cewire2017.com, or to ask questions visit this discussion thread.

Hope to see you there!!


Jan 28 & 29, and on demand through May 1st

40 COPE-Approved CE Credits

Virtual Exhibit Hall with Discounts

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