Dr. Irving Bennett — The Practice Management Legend Speaks! [#R032]

On this edition of Radio, we were incredibly fortunate to have an in-depth conversation with Dr. Irving Bennett.

For those who don’t know him, Dr. Bennett literally wrote the book on practice management in eye care, and is the founder of the Bennett Center for Practice Management at PCO.

With a career that spans eight decades (he started in the mid-1940’s), Dr. Bennett has seen just about everything.

Highlights of our talk include:

  • How he devised & founded Optometric Management
  • How he founded VisionExpo, the largest eyecare show in the world
  • His thoughts on board certification, practitioner oversupply, the opening of new schools, and where he sees the profession heading
  • An amusing (painful?) story of how he passed up an opportunity to be the first to import Varilux lenses to the US!

If you are at all curious about the history of eye care, you won’t want to miss this show.

And if you have any follow-up questions for Dr. Bennett (or just want to reminisce), you can post in this thread.

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Clinical Coordination & Collaborative Care with Dr. Richard Hom [#R031]

Dr. Richard Hom — an regular and the National Optometric Director at WellPoint — stops by to talk with Paul and Adam about the importance of ODs coordinating with other healthcare providers and sharing information in order to improve outcomes and efficiency.

He also talks about what he’s working on at Blue View Vision, including software initiatives that help with the two-way flow of information to and from your office & the offices of other care providers. (spoiler alert: you may already be using some of his work in your office!

Feel free to ask Richard follow-up questions in this thread.

Our thanks to Anthem/Blue View Vision for giving us the opportunity to talk to Richard about his work!

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VSP Vision Care President, Jim McGrann (part 1 of 2) [#R030]

In this episode, Paul and Adam get the chance to chat with Jim McGrann, the President of VSP Vision Care.

In Part 1 of the interview, we talk about VSP’s history, their policies, audits, and how the company is positioning itself as the Affordable Care Act unfolds.

Please leave feedback about the show in the discussion thread below. Jim is very hands-on, and will attempt to answer any questions you might have about the company.


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Reducing Optical Costs: Talking with Dr. Dan Dieterichs [#R029]

In this show, private practitioner Dr. Dan Dieterichs stops by to talk to us about reducing costs of goods sold in the optical.

We explore “Dental Envy“, Independent Practitioner Associations, and talk about the new, and how buying frames factory-direct can lower the cost of goods in your optical.

Leave feedback for Dan in this thread!

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Building a Dry Eye Practice – Dr. Art Epstein [#R028]

Dry eye is an extremely common condition that’s often been under-diagnosed and treated.

But thanks to advances in our understanding of dry eye, the availability of new diagnostic tools, and new forms of treatment, OD’s have a real opportunity not only to help patients, but also grow their bottom line.

In this Radio interview, Dr. Art Epstein stops by to:

  • Review the pathophysiology of dry eye
  • Talk about new diagnostic equipment and techniques …
  • How his practice became known as one of the premiere dry eye centers in Arizona. (And tips on how you can replicate his success in your area.)

Don’t miss the great practice-building advice in this show!

Sponsored by Oculus
Now featuring their Keratograph 5M Topographer!

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Pupil Dependent Refraction – Dr. John Warren (Part 3 of 3) [#R027]

Why isn’t a patient seeing clearly even though you’ve refracted them perfectly?

Why do you frequently see a major impact on the Rx in sunlight vs. dark

In this final interview with Dr. John Warren, we talk about the idea of the “Pupil Dependent Refraction” —

  • how aberrometry can help provide you with the data that you need to give the patient the best clinical outcome possible.
  • How to work the technology into your exam and office workflow
  • How to have a positive ROI when implementing this technology
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Integrating Wavefront Technology into your Refraction – Dr. John Warren (part 2 of 3) [R#026]

Picking up where the last talk left off, Dr. Warren talks to us about Wavefront Technology, and how to integrate it into your exams to improve clinical outcomes.

We review:

  • What Wavefront Technology is
  • How it can improve the accuracy of your refraction
  • How it increases patient satisfaction, and the impact this has had on Dr. Warren’s practice.

Part 2 of 3.

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Transforming Your Practice with Technology with Dr. John Warren, Part 1 [#R025]

Equipping your practice with the latest technology can be a daunting prospect.

From automated vision testing equipment to EHRs, choosing the latest technology and integrating it effectively into your office can seem like an impossible task.

In this Radio episode, Dr. John Warren, private practitioner and founder of RevolutionEHR, gives some concrete advice & talks about how he transformed his practice from a low-tech operation (which would have looked familiar to a doc from 40 years ago!), into a modern, high-tech operation.

We review:

  • How to choose the right equipment for your practice
  • How to integrate the equipment into your workflow
  • Things to look for when talking to vendors
  • The impact that technology has had on his practice — both on patient care and profitability.

Part 1 of 3.

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Prescribing Premium Contact Lenses, Techniques & Strategies – Dr. April Jasper [#R023]

In this Radio episode, Dr. April Jasper talks to us about how to communicate the benefits of premium contact lenses to patients.

She also reviews the challenges of moving patients into premium lenses, and some strategies that you can employ in your practice to make the switch more successful.

Dr. Jasper also talks about her (several-months-long) experience with the new DAILIES TOTAL1 lens, and how patients have done since moving them over to this new material.

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DAILIES TOTAL1 and the Evolution of Contact Lens Materials – Dr. Mile Brujic [#R022]

Frequent contributor Dr. Mile Brujic sits down with us to discuss the evolution of contact lens materials — from Paul’s Era (PMMA!) through today.

We also speak in-depth about the new DAILIES TOTAL1 lens, which represents the very latest in contact lens material science and the first truly novel material in some time.

Mile’s practice was one of the clinical test sites for the lens, and he shares his several months of experience working with it, and the impact its had on patients.

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