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Building and Running a Profitable Optical with Jay Binkowitz [#R019]

Noted consultant and creator of the EDGE system, Jay Binkowitz stops by to chat with us about the basics of running a profitable optical.

We touch on several points, including:

  • OD/Optician Partnerships
  • Maintaining profitability in an era of vision care plans
  • How much space an optical should take up
  • Board management
  • How often one should renovate
  • To edge, or not to edge!

Whether you are just getting out of school & setting up an optical for the first time, or have been through it before, Jay offers lots of practical tips. RadioPractice Management

Avoiding Coding and Billing Disasters with John Rumpakis [#R018]

As the medical model and the use of high-tech instrumentation has grown, ECPs have been increasingly subject to audits by insurance companies and the federal government.

The fines for incorrectly coding and billing can easily run into six-figures, and in some cases can be even higher!

In this episode of Radio, noted expert John Rumpakis, OD, MBA stops by to talk about how to avoid getting hit with major fines by properly coding and billing your patient encounters.

He discusses some important coding strategies as well as disasters he’s seen as a consultant.

If you are responsible for the billing in your practice, you won’t want to miss this show! RadioPractice ManagementTechnology

The Nuts and Bolts of Implementing Automated Vision Testing in Practice [#R017]

Automated Vision Testing can make a practice more efficient, more profitable, and even change the mix of patients that you see.

But getting started with high-tech equipment can be a daunting prospect for many clinicians.

Louis J. Catania, O.D., FAAO., D.Sc. stops by Radio to discuss the nuts-and-bolts of getting your practice up to speed with Automated Vision Testing.

A recognized expert in new eye care technologies (and voted one of the 10 most influential optometrists of the 20th century!), Lou has implemented Automated Testing in his own practice, and he shares his “do’s and don’ts” based on real experience. RadioPractice Management

Choosing a Credit Card Processor [#R016]

Every practice needs to pick a processor in order to run credit cards.

But how do you go about choosing the right one?

  • Should you just go with the ones promising low rates?
  • Is service important too?
  • And what about ancillary services, such as check verification, cash advance, or gift cards?
  • Should you just go with your local bank?

In this Radio show, Adam and Paul sit down with Matthew Focht, President of Tru Processing.

Tru is a consulting firm that helps small businesses choose the processor that’s the best match for their needs.

Matthew reviews the most important issues when choosing processors and helps you figure out some of the
“tricks” that processors like to use to boost their profits.

If you run credit cards in your office, this is a show you won’t want to miss. RadioPractice Management

Boosting Second-Pair Sales with Tom Bowman [#R015]

Do you feel uncomfortable promoting second-pairs or upselling in your optical?

Ever wondered how to boost your sale of second-pairs without sounding like a used car salesman?

In this Radio interview, long-time member and consultant Tom Bowman gives his tips on how to make it happen, even for the most reticent sales person.

If you are responsible for optical sales in your practice, you won’t want to miss this one! RadioPractice Management

Surviving a Natural Disaster: Strategies for Saving your Optometric Practice [#R014]

With much of the east coast still reeling from the effects of Sandy, people are trying to return to some sense of normalcy.

This radio show is all about how your practice can financially survive a natural (or man-made!) disaster.

The broadcast features a panel of insurance experts including Ken Rudzinski, CFP of Heritage Financial Consultants, David C. Alleva, CIC and Michael Alleva, CIC of the Alleva agency.

Topics covered include:

  • The important types of insurance coverages for your practice, including Business Interruption insurance
  • How to decide on deductible sizes when buying
  • What you should do BEFORE making a claim
  • How to report a claim, your rights and responsibilities
  • How to best work with your insurance carrier
  • Whether or not to use Public Adjuster

No area of the country is immune to natural disaster. Listen today because the next time, it may be you in mother nature’s path!

If you have an immediate question and you wish to communicate with David Alleva,CIC

David C. Alleva, CIC
The Alleva Agency
500 Simpson Drive
Chester Springs, PA 19425-9547
610-458-3216 fax Radio

Inside the American Optometric Foundation with Dr. Mark Bullimore [R#013]

The AOF is a philanthropic organization that develops and provides financial support for optometric research and education in vision and eye health.

Dr. Mark Bullimore, past President and current Development Director, sits down with us to discuss all things AOF!

Learn more about:

  • The core mission of the AOF
  • The process of how they award grants to ODs/Researchers
  • The growth of their endowment over the past decade
  • Irv Borish’s relation to the foundation (including funny stories about his (nude) artwork!) Radio

All About the American Academy of Optometry with Dr. Karla Zadnik [#R012]

Ever thought about joining the American Academy of Optometry?
Or wanted to learn more about the purpose and mission of the Academy

On today’s show, Dr. Karla Zadnik, current President of the AAO stops by Radio to discuss with us:

  • The mission of the AAO
  • How to become a member of the academy
  • The differences between the AAO and the AOA
  • How you can become a Diplomate in the AAO
  • Details about the AAO’s Annual Meeting & what the experience of attending is like.

If you’ve got any follow-up questions for Dr. Zadnik, please post them in this thread! Radio

The Genesis of the AOS & Analysis of the BC Trial [#R011]

If you’ve been interested in how the whole board certification dust-up started, this interview will help you get some perspective.

Because in today’s show, Paul and Adam sit down with Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, a founder and Board Member at the American Optometric Society to discuss:

  • How and why the American Optometric Society was formed
  • The political challenges of working in organized optometry
  • What the outcome of the board certification trial means to the average OD
  • His take on where the AOS will be headed in the coming weeks and months

If you’ve got any follow-up questions for Dr. Rosenblatt, please post them in this thread. Radio

The History of the Residency Program at the VA with Dr. Ken Myers [#R010]

Dr. Ken Myers, the man who (nearly) single-handedly created the optometric residency program at the Veterans Administration talks about how he developed the program, and the necessity for residency programs in modern optometry.

He also discusses the latest controversies in board certification & gives his prediction on whether it will survive in its current form.