How the Right Technology can Optimize Efficiency of a Busy Practice with Dr. Jeffry Gerson

Implementing automated and integrated technologies can help you work more efficiently, obtain better data, and save time so that you can focus on growing your practice and providing excellent patient care.

In this webinar, Dr. Jeffry Gerson will discuss how implementing a combination of Visionix integrated technologies can create a comfortable environment for both patients and clinicians and how utilizing the right instruments has enhanced the patient experience and improved workflow.

This personal perspective will provide valuable insights into how these technologies can be used effectively to benefit everyone involved.

Attendees of this course will:

* Explore how to optimize workflow by implementing integrated technologies

* Learn how to enhance the patient experience by utilizing multimodal screening technology

* Understand the key benefits of strengthening your practice with innovative technology

A live Q&A will follow with Dr. Gerson so don’t miss it!

** All OD and MD Attendees in the US and Canada will receive a $10 Starbucks eGiftCard from!


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