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Using Truly360 Interactive Google Tours to Differentiate your Practice [#R034]

On this episode of ODwire.org Radio, we interview long-time ODwire.org sponsor & Truly360 President Matthew Focht about using the NEW Truly360 Google Interactive Tours to differentiate your practice & give you an edge among people searching for ODs.

We learn:

  • What Google Interactive Tours Are
  • How they can differentiate your practice from others in your area when people search online
  • How they impact your search rankings
  • Truly360’s network of “Google Trusted Photographers”, and why it is critical to use experienced professionals when setting this up
  • The technical details of how the tours are filmed and posted to Google, and how Truly360 handles this for the OD, including embedding the tour on your own web site.

If you’ve got an office that you’re proud of, you owe it to yourself listen to the show & learn about this new product.

Truly360 offer
Hey, it wouldn’t be an ODwire.org Radio show without a deal for you…

Google Interactive Tours can cost $1000 or more to create and manage. However, if you use Tru for your credit card processing, Tru will pick up nearly the entire tab, dropping the charge to $39!

Learn more by listening to the show, or get more information from Truly360.

Any questions? Just post in this thread..

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Choosing a Credit Card Processor [#R016]

Every practice needs to pick a processor in order to run credit cards.

But how do you go about choosing the right one?

  • Should you just go with the ones promising low rates?
  • Is service important too?
  • And what about ancillary services, such as check verification, cash advance, or gift cards?
  • Should you just go with your local bank?

In this ODwire.org Radio show, Adam and Paul sit down with Matthew Focht, President of Tru Processing.

Tru is a consulting firm that helps small businesses choose the processor that’s the best match for their needs.

Matthew reviews the most important issues when choosing processors and helps you figure out some of the
“tricks” that processors like to use to boost their profits.

If you run credit cards in your office, this is a show you won’t want to miss.

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