• Building Your Practice With Daily Disposables

    Building Your Practice With Daily Disposables
    Kerry Gelb, OD
    Woodbridge, NJ

    Daily disposable lenses have many advantages over other lens modalities. But making "One Days" a significant part of your contact lens practice can be challenging.

    This webinar offers concrete, practical advice on how to boost One Day usage in order to make this modality a large portion of your contact lens practice. Specifically, the talk covers:
    • Advantages of One Days
    • Patient Compliance with One Days vs. other modalities
    • Overcoming a patient's financial concerns with One Days (including a discussion of TCO)
    • Trends in Market Share & Growth and how to leverage these in your practice
    • A discussion of the greater acceptance of One Day modality

    About the Speaker
    Dr. Kerry Gelb graduated with honors from the Illinois College of Optometry and completed a one-year residency in the Diagnosis and Management of Ocular disease. He has been practicing in Woodbridge, NJ for the past 22 years.

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    Thanks to CooperVision for making this webinar possible!

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    1. AdminWolf's Avatar
      AdminWolf -
      Looking forward to seeing everyone wednesday night! feel free to leave questions here in advance of the show
    1. AdminWolf's Avatar
      AdminWolf -
      As you can see, the focus is really going to be on practice management / moving patients to this modality. So it should be a good one!
    1. AdminWolf's Avatar
      AdminWolf -
      The archive is now available, sorry for the delay (VEE got in the way!) Thanks again everyone for a great show!

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