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    Question The rank of school of optometry in USA

    I`ve been heard that New England College of Optometry is outstanding college in the field of Optometry. IS it true ? what about other optometry school ? Is there the rank among them?

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    It is absolutely true! Of course, I may be a tad biased.

    Seriously, all of the schools of optometry provide a quality education. Your choice should be made on the basis of the specific qualities for which you are looking. There are significant differences among the schools in the types of clinical environments in which you will learn, the amount of research that goes on within the school, and the construction and sequencing of the curriculum. Each of the schools will prepare you well to qualify for practice; you should look to match your own learning and career objectives to the strengths and unique offerings of each school.
    ALan L. Lewis, O.D., Ph.D.
    New England College of Optometry
    Boston, MA

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    Jun 2002
    Ohio State University College of Optometry
    Medina, OH
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    I think it is generally accepted that Berkeley is the top optometry school in the nation and that Ohio State is #2. Berkeley and OSU are tops when it comes to optometry research, and Board Scores, but from what I've heard the clinical training at Pennsylvania College of Optometry is tops. That's because of the volume of patients that students see and the wide variety of disease cases they treat.

    Incidentally, one of the reasons the Board scores are so high at Berkeley and OSU is because the average student admitted to the program has a 3.5 undergraduate GPA or higher. Not that the teaching programs aren't excellent... but the students at these schools are much more competitive in the scholastic sense. Also the class sizes are smaller (by 50% to 66%).

    There is a firm that officially ranks optometry colleges, but it is only done every 7-8 years (maybe someone else knows the name). The last time these rankings were released Berekely was #1 and OSU #2. I attended OSU.
    Timothy Milburn, O.D.

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    Default thanks

    your answer is so direct and clear to me , it is important to know which school is suitable to me . OF course I had like to attent the two schools you recommanded . I will try my best.
    Thank you very much.

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    May 2001
    SUNY College of Optometry
    Marlton, NJ
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    Thumbs up in defense of SUNY College of Optometry

    Although I cannot say anything about the quality of education at other schools, as a 4th year SUNY student, I have to offer my biased opinion on this one.

    SUNY is an excellent academic program and the clinical exposure is quite good as well. The population of patients seen at SUNY is quite unique in that our patients come from a wide variety of ethnicities, socioeconomic classes and educational backgrounds.

    SUNY has a great reputation among all optometry schools. We recently moved into an 18 floor building located in the heart of manhattan. The new building will be home to an incredibly well situated research facility in the near future. If your emphasis is on research, the caliber of faculty here at SUNY are unparallel. You will certainly find a world-class mentor here.

    I am very happy with the education I have received here thus far. Fourth year is the best of all. Although I have to admit, our contact lens exposure is limited, the other areas make up for it. You can choose to do an in-house externship in CLs during your fourth year or a residency after graduation.

    We have a very diverse student body as well a diverse patient population.

    And living in NYC rocks!!!

    Good luck with your decision. We have several students from China in each of our classes. You may want to email our student affairs department for contact info if you would like to solicit their opinions as well.

    Take care
    Arun K
    Class of 2003

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