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: Illinois, USA
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The Q-2100 Digital Lens System is an improved method of making lenses with tighter tolerances and enhanced visual clarity. The proprietary digital process uses free-form generated molds to create a finished Rx direct from liquid plastic eliminating the need to cast a semi-finished blank that is later surfaced to the final prescription. The technology allows for the production of a full line of premium index lenses in-office, providing improved service, customer satisfaction, and business profitability.

The nanoCLEAR AR System is an in-business anti-reflective coating system designed to work with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System and automates the AR, mirror, and scratch coat application process. The AR and mirror coatings use nanoparticles and in-mold fabrication to bond the layers to each other and the lens material for a very durable surface.

Digital Progressive lenses can be made for as little at $12/pair with 1.56 index AR coated. Single vision for a fraction of the cost of your current lens blank purchases. Digital Flat tops, and short corridor progressives as well. Save thousands on your lab bill and provide in office service for faster turn around.

New, this entire system cost over $110,000. Do to unfortunate personal circumstances we must let our entire system with monomers and casting molds go for a quick sale at $9757.00. (shipping not included)
Contact Information
Contact Sandip Chander

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