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Contact John Anderson
: TN, United States
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$600 (10 units / 2 Remotes / Manuals / Labels)
More Information
The LCS4000/LAS4000 is a light-coded message system specifically designed for
the professional office environment (Dental, Optometry, Medical. etc...). Easy to learn,
and simple to use, the LCS4000/LAS4000 increases office efficiency by streamlining communications.
The LCS4000/LAS4000 system provides a quiet, efficient alternative to the confusion and distractions
common in busy professional offices. Your new “silent partner” gives you discreet access to what’s
going on in the office while freeing you to tend to patients or clients.

The LCS4000/LAS4000 is a microprocessor-based, light-coded information system that communicates using your existing AC electrical wiring. Because it uses lighted buttons to transfer information, it provides a quiet alternative to paging or intercom systems. And because all Comlite units in any system are linked through a common channel, all information appears simultaneously on every unit throughout the office. (The LCS4000/LAS4000 can also be hardwired outside the AC electrical system.) To use the LCS4000/LAS4000, you assign your own customized message codes to the 15 light buttons, then send information by pressing these light buttons individually or in different combinations.
Contact Information
Contact John Anderson

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