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: Apex, NC, USA
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The PTS automated perimeter series are modern diagnostic instruments for precise and fast testing of visual fields. In addition to standard perimetry testing techniques, all of the latest visual field testing approaches are implemented, saving time and delivering cutting edge precision and reliability. Intuitive software with powerful networking and EMR integration, combined with maintenance free and reliable hardware, creates the best tool for your practice’s visual field testing.

PTS 925wi Key Features:
• Complete set of static perimetry strategies
• 160°horizontal and 110°vertical testing range (with fixation shift)
• Goldmann III stimulus size
• Windows 10 Pro operating system
• Includes 30-2, 24-2 and 10-2 testing fields
• HFA-style print-out
• Blink control, eye tracking, and voice assist
• Partial test results of an incomplete test can be continued at a later date
• DICOM compatiblity included
• Superior 44 Protocol (Ptosis Testing)

Despite its compact size, the PTS 925W offers cutting edge design and software capabilities. With the 160° horizontal and 110° vertical testing range, the PTS 925W is your perfect compact tool for glaucoma and disease management. From precise macula thresholding, to the binocular Esterman driving test, everything is within reach.

Listing includes: Unit, Windows 10 Computer, Power Table, On Site Installation and Training, TWO Year Comprehensive Warranty.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Thanks for looking!
Contact Information
Contact Daxton Cuany

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  • john william wood
    Posted on 06/06/2019 at 03:22:28
  • Daxton Cuany
    John William Wood,

    Please send me an email at dcuany@eyecarealliance.com and I would have happy to provide you with current pricing.


    Dax Cuany
    Posted on 06/06/2019 at 03:25:52

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