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All frames in saleable condition. 3 of the rayban suns have minor scuffing. I can send photos. All name brands have cases. Prices include shipping. Open to offers. I can email a list of models/colors.

$1500 = 51+ frames: 11 coach, 14 guess, 14 nw77th, 7 helium, 2 ess suns, 3 capital suns, alibaba stash
$1550 = 50+ frames: 20 ray ban, 14 lightec, 7 polo, 4 cocosong, 5 leader, 42 miscellaneous.

The "alibaba stash" is several models and most of which include several duplicates. The "miscellaneous" are smaller brand names like superflex or discos.

Email any questions.
Contact Information
Contact Paul Kappell

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  • Allan Panzer
    The list is confusing...51+works Problem is the 50+ has 42 misc???can you explain
    Posted on 06/28/2020 at 04:17:19

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