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: California, United States
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(2) Hartford Style 90 Frame Illuminated Display Cases (one case has 20 frame trays inside, (2) Hartford Style 60 Frame Illuminated Display Cases, (2) Hartford Style Small Illuminated Display Cases with Glass Shelves & Mirrored Back, (1) Matching Contact Lens Dispensing Table with One Drawer, (1) Matching Eyewear Dispensing Table with One Drawer, (1) Double Angled Dispensing Table with 2 Drawers and 3-Drawer Taboret with Glass Showcase on top---in 2009 Fashion Optical converted the drawers to one pull-out keyboard shelf for each table and made a large taboret to hold two sliding CPU bays and a large drawer, (6) Upholstered Hardwood Reception Arm Chairs, (1) Corner Connecting Table, that attaches to two of the above-mentioned chairs, (6) Upholstered Hardwood Dispensing Side Chairs, (1) 2 Hartford Style Rectangular Wall Displays, Illuminated, with 4 Crystaline Bars each and Security Doors, with Illuminated Wall Mirror, including Mirror and Soffit, (1) Children's Wall Mirror, Lens Center with 3 Crystaline Bars (holds lens samples and 12 tints) and 1 Crystaline Tint Bar (holds 13 tints), (1) Single Dispensing Small Fry (kids) Fitting Table with One Drawer, (1) Accessory Wall Display with Mirrored Back, (2) Mirrors for Frame Boards, (2) Acrylic Frame Shelves for Frame Boards. All items are as is. Does not include packing or shipping. Prices are negotiable.
Contact Information
Contact Kellee Meyer

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